Friday, June 27, 2003

By the way, I highly recommend the site The Memory Hole. It's devoted to preserving information that The Powers That Be would rather pretend never existed. The premier event on the site right now is the footage of Dubya when he was told about the attack on the second tower on 9/11. Andrew Card tells him that America is "under attack," but Dubya continues to sit in the classroom for well over five minutes, like he hadn't a care in the world. He even sat there for a full thirty seconds waiting for the kids to get out their books so they could read to him.

Oh, by the way, this should not in any way cause you to doubt that the Secret Service was scared that Bush was a target on that day. That was why they bounced him across the country and kept him away from Washington. Of course.

Another interesting point: Bush cheerily admitted that there is no link between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Of course, something like forty percent of Americans somehow got the opposite impression.

 2:06 PM

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