Thursday, June 26, 2003

The Five Albums That I Have Listed To Most Often

What a great topic this week! These are five albums that I have heard so often that I know every word, every note, every nuance. But I'm not necessarily proud of that fact.

1. Animals. I confess I became a Pink Floyd fan in high school and it got out of hand in college, and this album was their finest hour. Unlike most fans, who gravitate to Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, I really liked Animals, which has some of their most interesting muscial experiments on it. It was actually written in 1973, played in concert, and then shelved for four years while they all went out and collectively freaked out. (It was the 70s, after all, and they made a googlejillion dollars from Dark Side of the Moon. I heard Pink Floyd again (Wish You Were Here, 1975) recently in a ice cream shop here in Houston and had the most amazing flashback of good memories. But I've outgrown Pink Floyd now. I listen to Radiohead and Sigur Ros, which is a completely different kind of pompous art rock.

2. Life's Rich Pageant. This album holds up beautifully to repeat listening, so I keep listening to it. (In fact, I just put it on.) I didn't like it at first, when it came out lo those many years ago, but it grew on me. It's just such a rush. It makes me happy in a very primal way.

3. Sheryl Crow. This is her eponymous second album. When I was living in Tallahassee and trying to get in shape, I would exercise walk every morning and evening, and I would listen to this album (and none other) while I did it. I timed myself by the songs. The day I managed to walk four miles before the end of "Superstar" was one of the happiest days of my life. Of course, I'm now sitting on my sore ass in front of a computer in an office tower at 11:55 p.m., waiting to get another draft of a document to review, and I have never felt so far away from that moment of triumph.

4. Very Mercenary. A great album by the British hip-hop duo "The Herbaliser." I first heard their song "The Sensual Woman" on the soundtrack to Snatch and ran out to get the rest of the album. "The Sensual Woman" is (supposedly) a woman's how-to-get-in-touch-with-your-sensuality recording set to a lurid hip-hop beat. The whole album is incredibly inventive and exciting, and I practically wore out the CD while studying in law school.

5. Russ Taff. A Christian Rock album by Russ Taff. This album was more or less my most-frequently-played album in high school. This was the first Christian Rock album that I ever really liked, at a time in my life when I was really trying to like the stuff that the Tribe told me to like. Russ had a little more blues than most, which ain't saying much, but it was something. As a result, this album stayed in my collection while the rest of the Petra and Whiteheart albums vanished through that slow and unintentional process of disc attrition. A quick search of Amazon confirms that it's long out of print, which is a shame because I'm getting a little nostalgic...

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