Monday, June 30, 2003

More Signs of the Apocalypse

Wars, disease, unrest, earthquakes...

...and the fact that Jim Carrey is friends with Steven Hawking. Forget the main thrust of the silly article -- Hawking ran over Carrey's foot with his motorized wheelchair (which we know from "The Simpsons" has a helicopter attachment) -- and focus on the underlying fact that JIM CARREY is friends with STEVEN HAWKING. The man who emerged from a rubber rhino's butt trades birthday cards with the most brilliant scientist on earth.

This profoundly rearranges my understanding of the universe. In my perception of the world, Jim Carrey and Steven Hawking do not exist in the same species, much less the same mental grouping. But this discovery offers more support for that implicit American supposition that all famous people must know each other. The obvious basis for this assumption is the fact that you tend to meet all sorts of people when you do Leno and Letterman and Regis and so on, but I think it's actually deeper than that. I've always thought that this assumption was based on the idea that all "famous" people are co-workers, of a sort, and that the gossip pages are really no different than a conversation about what happened at the office party.

 10:58 AM

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