Friday, July 18, 2003

The Friday Five
Five People, Real or Imagined, That I Would Like To Have Dinner With
The Hyperliteral Answer

1. Louis XIV. The man really knew how to throw a dinner party, so the food would be fantastic.

2. Jesus. That was a pretty influential Passover meal he hosted, and the loaves and fishes thing sounds pretty impressive also.

3. Esau. The man was so contemptuous of his birthright that he sold it for some red stew. (Gen. 25:29-34) I wonder how good that stew tasted. I mean, really.

4. Alferd Packer. I always wondered what human flesh would taste like. Of course, if you're Catholic, see #2 every time you eat one of those wafer thingys.

5. Sandra Day O'Connor. Specifically, I want to go back in time and be at the black-tie dinner where NFL superstar John Riggins told Sandra Day O'Connor, and I quote, "Sandy baby, loosen up."

 6:21 PM

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