Friday, July 11, 2003

The Friday Five

Five Ways You're Becoming Your Parents

1. I hate to sound like a stand-up comedian, but I really do worry about my lawn these days. And my flowers. Years ago, I thought this was meaningless folly, but I understand the allure now. It's the joy of striding around your "spread," even if that "spread" is a tenth of an acre in suburbia.

2. I call Jonah "Bud," just like my parents called me. The first time I did this, Shannon was fascinated.

3. I work more than I want to, and as a result, I'm tired during those few hours that I do get to spend at home. Some part of me wants to protest that this behavior isn't like my father, because I'm not really like that -- I have every intent to be talkative and active in the evenings. Of course, now it occurs to me that Dad was no different.

4. I read "Consumer Reports," just like dear old Dad. In fact, when I was a kid, it appeared to me that Dad's sole source of reading material was the newspaper and "Consumer Reports."

5. Through some sort of weird mix-up, my father appears in every mirror I look in.

 7:31 AM

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