Tuesday, July 15, 2003

So Mad I Can Hardly Frickin' See Straight

I've been working really hard to complete a project on a tight deadline, so there hasn't been much blogging lately, but I simply can't let this one pass. It's got me too damn mad. I got it from Joe Conason's ."blog on Salon (subscription may be required).

According to the Washington Post, George W. Bush now claims that the reason we went to war in Iraq was that Saddam Hussein wouldn't allow UN weapons inspectors into the country.

I quote: "We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

And this is the excessively delicate response from the Washington Post:

"The president's assertion that the war began because Iraq did not admit inspectors appeared to contradict the events leading up to war this spring: Hussein had, in fact, admitted the inspectors and Bush had opposed extending their work because he did not believe them effective."

If we had a goddamned independent media in this frickin' country, this would be on the front page of every newspaper in America. George W. Bush just flatly lied. Nakedly lied. Lied, lied, lied. None of this crap about whether it "counts" that the CIA didn't insist that the Niger lie come out of the State of the Union address -- Bush flat-out told a known falsehood. What is worse is the fact that he just spouted it -- this man must be the most bald-faced liar on earth, or the most deluded.

He's a dissembler and a liar and a deluded twerp unworthy of America's trust.

Oh, and here's the cherry, from IMDB's Studio Brief, which has no permalink:

"A substantial segment -- 46 percent -- of the American public believes that the news media are becoming too critical of America and that such criticism is weakening national defense, according to findings by a Pew Research Center poll. The vast majority of those surveyed -- 70 percent -- also believes that the media ought to take a more pro-American stand in its reporting of the U.S. actions in Iraq and the war on terrorism. The Pew survey further found that those who are the most critical of the media are likely to be devotees of the Fox News Channel."

 12:34 PM

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