Monday, August 04, 2003

Finally back online after a three-day weekend. I have not had access to the Net for a few days because our RoadRunner service wasn't working: the repair technicians were running like mad due to a serious problem in east Harris County, and they didn't get to the house until Sunday. The technician took about ten seconds to realize that the cable had come loose from the back of the cable modem. (In my own defense, the cable still looked like it was connected, because the wire had come loose from the socket but nevertheless remained hidden inside the connector.)

But it was a good weekend. Mom was in town to visit the little guy. Jonah got her visit off to a great start on Thursday morning -- while I was watching him, he pulled himself up on a bookcase and then fell, resulting in a cut on his right eyebrow. The poor guy looked like a boxer as the thing swelled up over his eye, and I felt terrible. His first real injury, and it was on my watch. In retrospect, I am particularly intrigued by my own reaction to the injury: I was completely calm, applied pressure to the cut, and calmed him down. It wasn't until after Jonah had calmed down that I freaked out. I suppose that calmness is a good trait to have, but in retrospect it seems unnatural.

And, belatedly:

Five Things I Never Pass Up

1. Coffee. I drink more coffee, and blacker coffee, than I ever used to.
2. The chance to do later what I could do right now.
3. Meals. All of them. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and elevenses.
4. A book recommendation from Adam Lipscomb.
5. A movie recommendation from my mother.

 1:16 PM

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