Saturday, August 09, 2003

It's the damndest thing. I have a way of saying things that cause a miniature furor among prominent Internet commentators, all of whom (coincidentally) happen to be the four or maybe five people who ever read my blog. (Seriously -- Shannon asked me for the URL again today, because she had lost it. Clearly I can't be all that compelling if my own wife isn't numbered among my readers. And the main reason I haven't added a hit counter is fear of embarrassment.)

So. I feel that a strongly worded response to this raging battle is entirely called for.

A Strongly Worded Response, Part I

Despite Melissa's harsh condemnation, I have not "refused" to add a comment feature to my blog. Such scurrilous attacks are typical of her type, and illustrate just how far out of the mainstream the Melissaites have gone. Treason, I tell you. Treason!

No, rather, I have tried to add a comment feature to my blog and have utterly failed. I tried to use the very same service as Melissa, but their "ready-made" HTML didn't work, and I finally gave up after a couple of hours of trying.

I have not "refused" to do anything. So there. I trust this will clear up any misunderstandings.

 5:01 PM

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