Sunday, August 10, 2003

A Strongly Worded Response, Part II

Next, I feel like I should respond to Melissa's challenge to answer Dave's challenge and defend my criticism of Howard Dean by pointing to the Democratic candidate that I feel has a better chance of beating Bush. I had discussed this with Dave at the time, via e-mail, but I suppose it's interesting enough to merit a blog entry. After all, my audience is clamboring for more of my incisive political analysis!

So, here it is: none. I don't think that any of the Democratic candidates currently running will beat Bush. But I still stand by my point that support for Dean should not be based on the notion that he will beat Bush; rather, it seems like a particularly defiant kind of fatalism, and it's too early to be so fatalistic.

Ultimately, it comes down to this, I think:
1. The Democrats need to focus on a candidate that can win, not merely one that will allow the party to vent its spleen.
2. Dean is not it.
3. But no one seems to have a better chance.
4. Thus, it may seem sensible to support Dean -- not because he can win, but because he will lose with the most panache.

But I have a hard time resigning myself to that, because I still have hope that something will change on the campaign trail. Again, it's a long time until the caucuses get under way, and a lot of things can change. Kerry could come on stronger and make himself a semi-plausible candidate, such that his service in Vietnam overcomes the "Massachusetts liberal" label. The party could draft Gen. Wesley Clark, who would be a very interesting foil. And Al Sharpton could suddenly develop the power to fly, walk through walls, and bilocate, which would give him the crucial "second coming" vote and push him to victory in '04.

And I stand by my comment that you're just not playing for the varsity if your state has fewer people than Austin does. Will Wynn may be a good politician for all I know, and he might balance the city budget, but he's simply not ready for The Show.

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