Monday, August 25, 2003

That's President Whistle-Ass To You

Read this. A recently deceased woman asked that any funds donated in memoriam be used for the defeat of Dubya in 2004... but that's not the good part.

"Her family described how their mother - a waitress, cook and factory assembly worker - was furious with Bush for what she saw as a stolen election and dishonest statements. Baron's favorite nickname for Bush, which she used to shout at the TV, was 'whistle ass.'"

That slang term has been repeated on the Net, and has the feel of a meme that just might catch on. I'm looking for "whistle ass" T-shirts to start popping up soon. Personally, I can't stop giggling, and people are starting to wonder what's up.

BTW: According to a poll in the Guardian, 49% of Americans do not want "whistle-ass" re-elected, while 44% are ready to blow the whistle one more time.

 12:39 PM

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