Wednesday, September 10, 2003

If you haven't been reading Nicholas Kristof's columns from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, you're missing something special. Fed up with the heated rhetoric about ANWR from both sides of the issue, he decided to go there for himself and see exactly what was being endangered. His answer is more complicated than either side is willing to admit -- which is exactly what the very best reporting is all about.

And, in a completely unrelated matter, it turns out that a black hole makes a noise in "B-Flat." Since everything entering a black hole will quickly "be flat," I think NASA is just pulling our leg. And is it really fair to say that it makes a "sound" ("a B-flat flying through space") when the thing we colloquially call "sound" cannot travel without a medium? And can my subwoofer replicate a sound 57 octaves below middle C? I don't know the answer to the first, but I intend to engage in some serious scientific experiments to confirm the latter. I'll let you know the results, if the cat doesn't freak out and kill me first. For more info on the question of sound waves in space, I can only direct you to the designated "music" and "space" expert, Dave.

 9:13 AM

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