Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Banner

Much has been blogged about "The banner" -- the "mission accomplished" banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln that Bush recently disavowed -- and as long as we all remember that the White House fussed over the details so much that it made the Navy turn the ship around to hide the San Diego skyline, I don't have any outrage to add. Try here, or here, or here for good outrage, and "The Daily Show" did a good job last night too.

But I think the real story here is deeper and richer. My take on the situation is that Bush wasn't lying. I think Bush is so insulated from reality, so cocooned within his false world of sycophants, that he genuinely thinks the people of America loved him so much that they spontaneously decided to put up a massive "Mission Accomplished" banner. After all, as I blogged earlier, this is a man that admitted he gets no news that isn't spoon-fed to him by Condi Rice or Andy Card. LBJ had three televisions installed in the White House so he could watch all three networks' news at once; Bush just trusts his appointees to tell him anything he needs to know.

Hell, he may be right. The news is becoming increasingly irrelevant. After all, the Pentagon won't let journalists see the coffins of our dead soldiers, and no one seems to care.

In more important news, the kid still hasn't got the memo on Daylight Saving Time. We tried to keep him up late last night, but that didn't help. I've even tried to explain it to him in my Elmo voice, but I don't think he understands.

This is not a problem I want to have until Spring.

 9:12 AM

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