Thursday, October 09, 2003

Frickin' Joe's Crab Shack. That's the other dumbass commercial that really sticks in my craw. Hey -- it's really funny that this family of crabs thinks that it's being employed by the seafood restaurant, right? Instead of being eaten there? Hee-sterical. Really makes me want to rush out and stuff my gaping piehole with crustaceans!

Once again, I have personally killed a basket of live crabs and made soup from them. They were not cute, they did not seem confused about their employment opportunities, and they did not plead for their lives. They did nothing except squish like a bug when I hit them with the mallet. So I'm a heartless savage, but I don't want my nose rubbed in it. I'll go somewhere where my animalistic nature can be sublimated. Like "Red Lobster." I hear they have a new shrimp combination this month! If you can imagine! And it involves lots of butter!

Frickin' idiots.

 10:17 PM

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