Friday, November 07, 2003

Friday Five

Gord asks:

"To your mind, which five other innovations in history are those which were basically inevitable? Which events do you think were simply bound to happen, and if they'd not happened as they did in our history, would eventually have happened elsewhere or elsewhen, even in the face of something like one of the major world civilizations (along with its technical contributions to the long and intercultural ferment of the development of technologies) having been completely wiped out?"

It would be easier for me to list the things that I think would not have happened, but here are five "would have happened anyway" ideas that I find intriguing:

1. Nuclear weapons. No matter who invented them, humanity was going to create these. It's like kids that try to "outbid" each other until one finally breaks down and says "infinity."

2. The Internet. The Internet seems positively inevitable to me as an outcropping of the human desire to get information instantly. Ironically, I was reading today that bin Laden probably communicates using handwritten messages conveyed by personal messengers, because he knows that any use of technology could pinpoint him.

3. God. I think that anyone who looks at the natural world will deduce the existence of God. And I think that anyone who contemplates humanity's role in nature will deduce the Fall -- both our God-like nature and the evil that hampers it.

4. The domesticated dog. People will always need companions that aren't human, because humans will always have issues with other humans.

5. The merkin.

Other F5 participants are: Melissa, Adam, Merideth, Will, Chris, Gina, Dave, Craig, Gord, Adrienne, Nanette, Marvin, Rob, Laura and Jon, and it seems like we're adding more and more people whom I have never met. Excellent!

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