Friday, November 21, 2003

Johnny Hart, Master of the Subliminal?

Fascinating article in the Post today, about the debate over whether Johnny Hart intended an insult in a recent comic strip.

Johnny has been known to piss people off with his heart-on-his-sleeve cartoons that take the primacy of fundamentalist Christianity as a given. (For instance, his Easter 2001 strip featured a menorah withering away to leave only a cross.) The fact that Hart uses cavemen to deliver his Christian message is just one of those delicious ironies that make life so much fun.

I strongly recommend that you decide for yourself. Read the strip first, and then read the article about it.

(If there's a problem with the link to the strip, go here and choose the archive for Nov. 10th.)

My vote? I'm with Berke Breathed. The strip makes no sense without the insult. But I would be very interested to hear what other people think.

 8:39 AM

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