Monday, January 26, 2004

Good News

This is from the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram, regarding church opposition to a drive to allow liquor sales in White Settlement, Texas. Yes, the name of the town is White Settlement, Texas. Here it is:

And if the petition drive [to allow liquor sales] succeeds? "We'll get an ongoing opposition," [Faith Baptist Fellowship pastor David] Dye said. "We'll do ads and fliers. We'll not just use the Bible; we'll attack economically, logically. [The committee] wants to profit off people's bad habits."

Well, I'm so glad that he will use both the Bible and logic in his argument. Aquinas, Newton, Chesterton, and Lewis are all doing 3000 rpm in their graves right now.

In other good news, teenager Mike Rowe of Mikerowesoft.com has settled Microsoft's lawsuit against him. He gives up the domain name, and The Evil Empire gives him an X-Box, training for certification on Microsoft products, and a tour of the home office. All in all, not a bad deal. Especially since Microsoft's opening bid was $10 and a threatening letter. This is a hysterical addition to the new line of "cybersquatting" cases, in which so-called investors bought up domain names that were similar to registered trademarks. Of course, Mike has every right to his own name, so it's a neat twist on an area of the law that was becoming settled.

And, in what we all hope is the beginning of a trend, a federal judge in Los Angeles has declared part of the Patriot Act unconstitutional. On the one hand, I'm glad to see that someone had the sense to realize that it is simply too vague to prohibit "giving expert advice or assistance to groups designated as foreign terrorist organizations." On the other hand, I am living in Houston, which has been infected with a crusty, cancerous sore called the Superbowl, which will (as best I can see) place me in grave danger of terrorist attack while also screwing up my commute. What's not to love?

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