Thursday, January 15, 2004

ShannonG asks how I have "violated my religion" by buying PC parts. ShannonG is not one of the faithful, so I'll try to explain how the cult works.

I learned to program on the Apple II (not even the Apple IIe or II+), and I used a Mac II to lay out my high school newspaper. I walked all the way across campus in college to the Architecture Library to use the only Mac lab available. When I finally bought a computer of my own, I bought one of the original Power Macs. In law school, I finally got the scratch to get a laptop and bought the classic "Lombard" Powerbook. I had an Apple sticker on my car until it peeled and fell off. I told my own mother to buy an iMac because if there were any problems with it, "I don't do Windows." At least not over the phone. (Actually, I still stand by that. I still can't do tech support on a PC over the phone.)

Of course, there was a dark side to my faith. I lived through the dark days of the Clone Wars, and the Amelio days when it seemed like Apple would go the way of NeXT.

And now that I think about it, that original Power Mac had a serious bug in its PCI card handling that Apple refused to acknowledge. And that "classic" Lombard had its power adapter recalled because they had a nasty habit of bursting into flames, and Apple still refuses to acknowledge that some of the Lombards have processor daughtercards that fail to work under Mac OS X (though not mine), and Apple has abandoned support for the RAGE Pro video chip and the hardware-based DVD decoding in their original implementation of the technology. (If Apple had been more forthright about the Lombard's problems, I might still be as rabid as ever.)

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

And--lest we forget--Apple continues to charge a 30% premium for that sleek, candy-like styling. There used to be an argument that you were getting something for your money, like premium features and ease of use. The premium features argument is out the window these days, especially if you build your own, and XP is the first operating system from the Evil Empire that I consider to be an acceptable alternative to the Mac OS.

So, here I am. Ordering PC parts. Giving in to the Wintel conspiracy. I'm... just... so... tired.

And broke. I can't afford to be faithful right now.

 8:36 AM

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