Friday, February 20, 2004

About My Kid, Who Is Way Cuter Than Your Kid

I recognize that a quick poll of my readership -- currently consisting of Mom and two guys that wandered over using the link on Adam's blog -- would show that only 33% of my readers want to hear about every little cute thing that Jonah does. But there are two stories from today that bear posting, if only because Shannon is out of town and I don't have anyone to tell them to.

1. You will recall that Jonah uses the word "daddy" to refer to anything beautiful, interesting, or desirable. This evening he gestured toward the ceiling fan and said "daddy" -- which is nothing new, except that this time he turned his hand over as he gestured and did a perfect impression of a bad actor doing Hamlet. You know the classic "dead spider" pose? "Alas, poor light bulb. I knew it, Horatio..." I laughed my butt off, so much so that Jonah kept doing the pose to see how often he could get a laugh with it. It is interesting, as I look back on it, to realize that Jonah was testing me. He's learning the stand-up comedy skills he will need to survive in this family.

2. Today, I was at the post office with Jonah to mail more CDs to their buyers. (See previous posts about my new obsession with finding things to sell on eBay.) Jonah was getting squirmy and started whining, and I noted that the people in the post office very politely weren't staring at us and glaring. Once I finally was able to put the packages down and devote both hands to the little guy, I could start throwing him in the air. His face turned from frown to delight, and his voice did the same thing in midair: "aaaaaaannnnnnnnnhhhhhhhuhuhuhwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." The whole post office erupted in laughter. It was nice to go from being the Annoying Guy At The Post Office to the "I Saw The Cutest Thing Today" guy.

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