Sunday, February 08, 2004

I just started watching the Grammys -- to mock them, not because I care about them, no really -- and it has already been worth it:

1. Quentin Tarantino trying his damndest to sound like a 70s soul brother as he discussed the 20th anniversary of "Purple Rain." Really. Straight-up "Huggy Bear." There's just no way to put it in print, except to say that if he tried that sh*t in Harlem he'd get killed. Of course, Beyonce was coming at the racial middle from the other side, because she had Charo's hairdo.

2. Dave Matthews sounding like a scalded cat while trying to sing "When I Saw Her Standing There." I mean, having just watched "American Idol" recently -- to mock it, not because I care about it, no really -- Simon Cowell would have rung the gong on that guy. And I like Dave Matthews.

 7:24 PM

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