Friday, February 13, 2004

Jonah Status Report
Age: 14 mos.
Teeth: Two up, two down, two on deck
Walking: Confident and rapid, with belly thrust out. Stairs still a problem, though.
Drool: an ever-flowing river
Cough: getting better, but still persistent
Words: three
(1) nummynummynummy (or any number of rapid repetitions of "nummy") -- emphatic desire for food
(2) dada -- pretty, pleasing (e.g. a chandelier, a flower)
(3) ba -- generic term for all toys, not just round ones
Cat: still faster than Jonah, but warier than ever because Jonah has decided the cat is "dada"
Energy Levels: two
(1) frantic Tasmanian Devil energy
(2) utter, whining exhaustion or actual sleep
Favorite possessions:
(1) the bottoms to a pair of pajamas, which he carries like a blanket
(2) Daddy's fancy remote control
Least favorite possessions:
(1) Shoes
Embarrassing adoration of women of color: still as strong as ever

 5:42 PM

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