Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Nature of God and Man, As Taught By Jonah

I had an interesting insight into the nature of God.

I was holding Jonah a couple of days ago. He was upset for no apparent reason (big surprise), and I was trying to comfort him by holding him and caressing his hair. I asked him, "What's the problem, little one? Why are you so upset? Don't you see that it's all okay?" And then I realized that is what God is like. When we come to him with our problems, he holds us and calms us down and smiles at the fact that we don't see the bigger picture.

That's not the insight.

As I was holding him and considering this rather Hallmark-y thought, Jonah passed some really putrid gas. I gagged a little. And then I realized, "Ah! I see! That's what sin is like to God." God may be holding us and comforting us, but we nevertheless unload a really smelly one. He still loves us, and still takes care of us, but there's no denying that things would be a lot better if we didn't fart during His tender moments.

Remember that the next time you're tempted.

 11:53 AM

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