Saturday, March 06, 2004

Fun 4 Kidz

You know, if any of you were wondering what would be a fun gift to get Jonah, this would be an excellent choice. It's the "Ten Plagues" Finger Puppets, designed to help your child learn the Ten Plagues in a fun and interactive way. All your friends are there, in fun and wacky cartoon form, from "Lice" and "Boils" to "Darkness" (what looks like a turn-of-the-century "pickaninny") and a figure with downcast eyes to represent "Newborn" -- or, more specifically, the brutal slaughter thereof. What fun! Jonah's a little dubious of his stuffed giraffe, but I'm sure that he would really take to a screaming, pus-covered finger puppet named "Boils."

I am just... overwhelmed. I can't keep up with this. I'm good -- oh, yes, I'm very good -- but I just can't write stuff this funny.

 2:06 PM

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