Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I had a disturbing realization today. If you don't find it earth-shaking, that's okay. It's one of those notions that some people seem to understand innately while others of us have to learn it the hard way.

I sometimes have an initial reaction that a person is just "evil," but "evil" has always been in quotes. That is, I have always suspected that if I were given the chance, I would eventually reach a point where I understood that person and the evil would be diminished accordingly. Maybe not Hitler, but any normal person. But I have now discovered that I can understand why someone does what he does, understand his terrible background and his tragic injuries, and still come to the conclusion that the person is evil, pure evil, hollow-black evil. Not misunderstood, not misguided, not "sick." Evil.

I have been doing pro bono work for Child Protective Services.

I have been defending the State's efforts to terminate the parental rights of people that hurt children.

And I never really understood the human animal before now.

 8:38 PM

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