Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just a quick little post to give you your "pick up" for the day, before Adam beats me to it. (You'll see why I mention him in a moment.)

Here's the story:

A former Harvard University professor and cancer researcher named Weldong Xu (in the Westernized order of names) persuaded his friends and acquaintances to donate $600,000 for a SARS research institute. Xu was scamming them -- in fact, he was arrested while having a screaming match with one of his "donors" in the cancer center's cafeteria.

That's pretty good, but that's not the good part.

The good part is that Xu "invested" all the money in a Nigerian business offer that would yield him a $50 million profit on his ill-gotten gains. Police continue to try to explain to Xu that he has been scammed by the Nigerians, but he refuses to believe it.

I think the only measured, reasonable response to this sad story of betrayal is:


(sigh) (wipe tears from eyes) Ahhh.

Frickin' idiot. (snort)

 9:14 AM

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