Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Not Having Anything To Say

I don't really have anything to say today. It's really remarkable, actually. Once I declared politics "out of bounds" for this blog, a great deal of the bitterness that spurred my blogging quickly dried up. It leaves me with the important things in my life, all of which have been actually taking up my time, as opposed to the false taking-up-time that comes from blogging about them. Maybe I'll get around to it soon. The ideas that I could actually take the time to write about aren't worth reading.

For instance, here are some thoughts that have flitted across my brain in the last hour:

-- I really like Senator John McCain

-- The Mighty Clouds of Joy are absolutely amazing

-- It's hard to go back to "regular" music after you listen to good gospel music for a while; it all sounds too thin

-- Oranges taste very good, but they are not satisfying

-- The kid sounded like he needed a nap, but Shannon was in good spirits

-- the inherent power of the district courts is one of the great vestiges of "hidden" power left in America

-- the Astros "cheated" by hiring Clemens

-- my eyebrows could use a trim

-- it's been a while since I've blogged

-- this is a strange list; I sure think of the damndest things while I'm working

None of these ideas is worth writing down, much less posting on an internet site for the world to read.

So I won't. I'll try to think of something worth writing, and write that instead.

 1:43 PM

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