Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hellboy-oh-boy-what-bullsh*t #149,043,422
An ongoing series of missteps, inconsistencies and goofs in Hellboy

Okay. The only hope of saving Hellboy is fire, which will kill the Satanic hounds attacking him. (Why Hellboy is fireproof but the devil hounds are not is #45,201,590.) Liz makes fire, but only when upset. Liz is furious that Hellboy -- the man she loves -- is being killed. She is distraught, crying, screaming. But in order to "ignite," she needs Myers to slap her in the face. The death of her beloved is not enough, no, she needs a completely trumped-up slap across the kisser to make her upset enough to trigger her powers.

Collect all 192,392,593!

 9:33 AM

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