Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hellboy-oh-boy-what-bullsh*t #192,392,593
An ongoing series of missteps, inconsistencies and goofs in Hellboy

I am sick and damned tired of movies that indulge in satanology out of context. Like Event Horizon, Prince of Darkness and a hundred other horror flicks, Hellboy is eager to use all of the horrors of Hell, demons, Ancient Ones, and the like, without ever acknowledging that those horrors are counterbalanced by the bad-ass angel warriors of the Bible; the notion of redemption, forgiveness, and salvation; and the promise by God that we need never be alone when fighting the forces of evil.

In other movies, it always seems to be a demon (personally present and physically personified) fighting a ragtag group of humans who have nothing but distant Catholic mysticism and reliquaries to protect them. (Every vampire movie, for instance.) No one thinks to ask whether the presence of demons necessarily requires the presence of angels, or to wonder where those angels are, or why the angels have decided to become so completely complacent that they will allow a demon to run around bodily on the face of the earth.

To some extent, the point of Hellboy is that Hellboy -- who is, by the way, literally the Antichrist -- makes the choice to be good, thus obviating the need for angelic intervention. But the possibility of the angelic is never considered, beyond the effeminate notion that the tears of angels can imprison demons and the bones of saints can ward off Sam-I-Am.

Collect all 192,392,593!

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