Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hellboy-oh-boy-what-bullsh*t #23,540
An ongoing series of missteps, inconsistencies and goofs in Hellboy

Abe Sapien, fish-man, finds a wad of Sam-I-Am eggs in the "reservoir" under the City. (New York?)

(a) There can be no "reservoir" under any City -- at least, not if you want property values to stay up, because the foundations of the buildings would be wiggling like J Lo's ass.

(b) Sapien finds a humongous wad of eggs down there, yet he must escape because he is being chased by one of the Sam-I-Ams. (Who knew they could breathe underwater?) It is explained that each and every one of the eggs must be destroyed, else Sam-I-Am will keep coming back. Though a wad of eggs is later destroyed in the Russian cave, it is never made clear that:
(i) The good guys destroyed the rest of the eggs in the American reservoir, or
(ii) The bad guys collected each and every one of the eggs and moved them to Russia, including why they would do it, considering that the Sam-I-Ams could do a good job of running rampant while Hellboy is in Russia.

Collect all 192,392,593!

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