Thursday, April 22, 2004

Her name is Tami Silicio.

When they build the memorial for people whose lives have been damaged by the insane policies of the Bush Administration, her name will be on it.

Tami Silicio's crime was taking a photo of flag-draped coffins. The Bush administration refuses to allow anyone to photograph the 700+ coffins that have come back to the US since we started our little Pottery Barn shopping spree. That would be bad press. And Bush doesn't like bad press. So, both she and her husband have been fired.

I don't know how the families of our soldiers can stand it.

On a similar note, isn't it interesting how quickly you can adjust your expectations. "Oh, good" I said this morning. "They were able to save the knee."

"Oh good," I said at the beginning of the week. "Someone was able to take a photo."

 1:13 PM

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