Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I know I said I wouldn't blog about Bush, but these are good stories to tell about anyone, not just Emperor C-Plus Augustus.

1. According to St. Louis insiders, the Cards piped canned applause over the loudspeakers when Bush went out to throw out the first pitch during their season opener.

Now, I'm not comparing Bush to Hitler when I say this, but it reminds me of Lenny Bruce's routine about where Hitler went wrong (which I'll paraphrase):

Hitler (in 1945): "They love me, right?"

Himmler: "Oh, SURE, bubie. They think you're FABulous."

Hitler: "Really? You're sure?"

Himmler (edging toward the door): "Absolutely. No problems."

2. The Charlotte Observer is reporting that a recent $2,000-a-plate fundraiser dinner was marred by the fact that the diners were given no silverware. The menu explained in small type that, at the request of the White House, no flatware of any kind was distributed so that there would be no distractions during the Emperor's speech. Link (to Atrios, because Charlotte requires registration).

And finally, Scott McClellan upbraided the 9-11 Commission because the last time Condi testified, only five people showed up. What arrogance! What dereliction of duty!

Of course, it now comes out that the White House had decreed that no more than three commissioners would be permitted to attend any meetings with cabinet members of Dr. Rice's rank.

So. There. I broke my promise, but it felt good.

 9:53 AM

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