Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm pathetic.

I was moved by this photo, which is only the second photo of our fallen soldiers that I have yet seen.

But I am concerned, alarmed, even distraught, over a completely fictional character who has been wounded in Iraq. B.D. is down, and we still have no idea what happened.

Will he live?

If so, will he be maimed?

If so, how badly?

I know that Trudeau is making this sh*t up as he goes along, and I know that we're talking about a pencil-and-ink character on some newsprint, I know that, but I've been reading Doonesbury for more than twenty years and I feel like I know the guy.

And of course, the point is to think of the thousands of Americans that are in his position. But I can't bear to do that yet.

 7:50 PM

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