Monday, April 26, 2004

Just so I understand, the complaint about Kerry is:

1. Some think that he didn't deserve his first Purple Heart.
2. Some think that he should not have left Vietnam as early as he did.
3. A guy that joined his unit two months after he left says that he doesn't like Kerry.

Let's review the charts:

Medals Won By Kerry: Three Purple Hearts for injury in an enemy action (one for an injury that was minor by Vietnam standards), Silver Star for valor in combat, Bronze Star for valor in combat
Medals Won By Bush: "World's Greatest Dad" on Father's Day, 1990

Time Spent In Vietnam By Kerry: 5-6 months of constant combat
Time Spent In Vietnam By Bush: 0
Time Spent AWOL by Bush: over one year

These People Volunteered For Vietnam Combat Duty: Kerry (Swift boat captain), Powell (ARVN advisor at A Shau; later postings)

These People Served Their Country As Veterans in Other Wars: Bush 41 (naval aviator)

These People Served Their Country But Did Not Face Combat: Rumsfeld (naval aviator and flight instructor)

These People Enlisted, Avoided Combat, But Were In Harm's Way: Gore (military reporter in the field)

These People Enlisted And Avoided Danger At All Costs: Reagan (training films)

These People Honorably And Openly Expressed Their Reasons For Choosing Not To Serve:

These People Spent Years Being Tortured For Their Country And Then, After Returning With Honor And Serving In The Senate, Were Victimized By Karl Rove Smear Campaign Claiming They Were "Manchurian Candidates" That Had Gone Nuts In The Hanoi Hilton, Oh And By The Way, He Has A Non-White Child Too: McCain

These People Used Every Means At Their Disposal To Avoid Vietnam But Still Warmonger Relentlessly: Bush 43 (went AWOL from "champagne unit"), Cheney ("had other priorities"), DeLay (wanted to enlist, but all the positions had been taken by minorities), Rove (stalled through college transfers), Limbaugh (anal cyst), Hastert (bad knees, though he was a college wrestler), "Scooter" Libby (stalled)

These People Used Every Means At Their Disposal To Avoid Vietnam And Have Moderated Their Rhetoric: Clinton (stalled until received high draft number)

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