Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The bile is rising, like a tide

The military is eating itself.

First came the news that the Army is moving 3,600 infantrymen from South Korea to Iraq. You will recall that: (1) North Korea is a member of the Axis of Evil, (2) with real weapons of mass destruction, (3) which it has threatened to use. Therefore, the only sensible move is to take troops from the Korean border and send them into the Iraqi meatgrinder. It's a bad sign; a sign of cannibalism. And now it is rumored that the 11th Armored Cavalry will be taken from the National Training Center and sent to Iraq as well; no need to train troops, you see, because they're all already in Iraq. Nine of ten Army divisions are already in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And now comes the news that the military is quietly moving inactive reservists back into active service. When you sign up for the reserves, you agree to a certain period of active service, followed by a period of "inactive" service where you have nothing to do with the military except that they can call you back if circumstances require it.

The first reports were sketchy: recruiters were calling up inactive reservists and telling them that they should reenlist ASAP so that they could get into non-Iraq postings while they were still available. Then the proof emerged: 28,400 inactive reservists are soon going to be called back and placed into postings that will be next to rotate into Iraq. The Department of Defense even proposed a plan to use IRS records to track down "missing" inactive reservists.

The military is eating itself at an alarming rate, and soon it will require fresh meat. And we all know what that means.

Bush's war is intolerable now, but it is being fought by a volunteer army, so I am able to swallow my bile. But if that McCain-slandering, no-newspaper-reading, draft-dodging, business-destroying, election-stealing, slack-jawed, smirking monkey-fetus calls for a draft, I will be able to swallow no more. I will vomit bile and fire. More helpfully, I will spend my evenings and weekends working pro bono for any young man who will have me. We cannot even persuade our own allies to send their volunteer armies to fight in Iraq -- how can we seize the lives of our young men by eminent domain?

And remember, as I've posted here before, that the Selective Service Administration has recommended that the draft include all men and women from age 18 to 35.

(Here's step one, for those of you who are reading along at home. Work NOW to establish a verifiable paper trail that you are a peace protestor, and thus entitled to "conscientious objector" status. According to Gulf War-era statements, attempts to join a peace movement AFTER the draft has begun will be rejected by the Selective Service Administration. They're essentially trying to narrow down "conscientious objector" status to the Amish.)

And in case you were wondering, this is why the November election will be critical.

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