Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Ultimate In Wish Fulfillment

I finally saw "Kill Bill Vol. 2" this weekend, and came away with the impression that, as good as it was, it was the ultimate fanboy wish-fulfillment fantasy. Let's take the penultimate scene. I'm not letting any cats out of the bag here, because the movie begins with a short monologue in which The Bride explains that she has already killed everyone else and is on her way to kill Bill.

The penultimate scene features Bill talking to The Bride.

Well, it's a little more than that.

Let's phrase it this way: Bill, an internationally-renowed kung-fu assassin badass played by David Carradine, holds one of the world's most beautiful women at gunpoint for five, six minutes while he goes on and on about his love of comic books and his appreciation of the greater meaning of "Superman."

I for one find that perfectly plausible.

There's only one step further before the fanboys completely take over and demolish all sense of reality:

SUMMER GONZAGAS (gorgeous bikini model and rocket scientist): Wow, so this is your pad?

BRICK HUFFLEY (international man of mystery): Yep. It's my "lair." And Mom only comes down here when she needs to do a load of laundry.

SUMMER: Is that a complete set of "The Flash" comics? (swoons)

Having said all that, Uma Thurman deserves an Oscar nomination for her work in the film. But I doubt she'll get it. Very seldom does the Academy reward someone for an "action" film -- Sigourney Weaver being a conspicuous exception.

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