Thursday, September 23, 2004

Quick Shout-Out

I'm working late at the office, which means that I'm listening to music at a reasonably loud volume. The empty office gets too creepy without some tunes to keep me going. Oh, I'm sorry. It's not "empty." There's the cleaning guy with the 150 db vacuum cleaner that is persistently trying to vacuum the carpet next to my office. I think he's trying to write his name using the vacuum cleaner "marks" on the carpet.

I've been listening to The Eels' "Shootenanny!," which has to be one of the best albums of the past couple of years. It makes for good working-late-at-night, seething-with-resentment-at-the-folks-at-the-baseball-stadium, wishing-I-was-anywhere-else music. Though I could do without "Restraining Order Blues" when I'm in this sort of mood.

Mix it with MC Honky for some really good bitter-bouncy tunes.

That's all. Nothing about Bush's spectacularly inane press conference today. Nothing about the fact that the polls favoring Bush are all based on the assumption by the pollster that the voting public will be predominantly Republican. I got no time for that. I'm getting sick of it all. Politics is like drinking mercury or taking radiation -- it never leaves your body, so it just poisons you more and more until even the slightest exposure will leave you doubled over in the hall, vomiting your brains out onto the floor and praying for the cool embrace of death.

 9:15 PM

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