Thursday, September 30, 2004

There's a lot of excitement about the debates this evening, and I wanted to get my two cents in.

I think that Bush is going to have to look "presidential" -- he can't get flustered or irritated. His base just wants to see him "in control."

In contrast, I think that Kerry is going to have to kick Bush in the nuts, force him to his knees, and make him drink his urine, all while screaming "DRINK MY PEE! DRINK IT!" If he can do that, the media coverage will say the candidates seem "equally strong on terror."

Oh, but Kerry has to not use proper English when he screams "DRINK MY PEE!" He should say "DRAYNK" or something like that. People don't want a president who knows how to pronounce things. Especially not "Genghis Khan."

 1:22 PM

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