Tuesday, October 19, 2004

You will, of course, recall that the 9/11 Commission was specifically limited to an investigation of our intelligence agencies. By political fiat, it was prohibited from investigating the Bush administration's own complicity and error.

The CIA got burned by that one-sided "investigation," and it's defending itself.

Robert Scheer has just reported that the CIA has produced a report that explains exactly how the Bush administration screwed up the intelligence it received, both before and after 9/11 -- thus explaining that Iraq was not, for instance, an "error with our intelligence agencies." The Bush administration pressured the CIA for certainty, and when it didn't get it, it called it certainty anyway.

But we won't be reading that report, because it's being suppressed with no cause. It's an election year. People are already voting. They surely don't need to be distracted with facts about the Bushies' idiocy.

Sometimes the lies and the rhetoric comes so thick and fast that it's easy to lose your bearings. But remember this: you're not crazy. They have drawn a line in the sand between their vision of Empire and the so-called "reality-based community." God help us all.

 2:25 PM

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