Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Three Conversations

I had three conversations today worth writing about.

The first was with G, the endearingly off-kilter guy down the hall. He's a lowercase-L libertarian who supports Bush because he believes that Islam is a cancer on the world and that Bush is more likely to try to eradicate it. We have had many conversations about his emphatic atheism, but he told me this morning that he wants to pray for the first time in years. This was odd, he said, because he hasn't even felt this much of a desire to pray when friends died. He was desperate because he felt that Kerry was going to win it.

The second was with B, my friend on the other side of my floor. B's a uppercase-C Christian and uppercase-R Reaganite who supports Bush because, inter alia, Bush is an uppercase-C Christian and uppercase-R Reaganite. (B has the distinction of having actually met Bush, which is not entirely uncommon here in Texas.) We had a lengthy debate over the merits of Bush and Kerry, and it was particularly interesting because he was trying to be generous and even-handed but couldn't get across the cultural divide. E.g.: "If you want nationalized health care, then support Kerry. That's great. Just don't say that Bush lied about Iraq, because he didn't." We were able to whittle each other down to a single proposition. Though Bush has never said he made a mistake by going into Iraq the way he did, and though he has never done anything to indicate that he felt he made a mistake, B thinks that Bush knows he made a mistake and simply can't say it out loud because the Democrats would punish him for being weak. B is confident that Bush would be wiser the next time around. Kerry would be a disaster because he was a war protestor.

The third was with P, a legal assistant. She sends me liberal propaganda on occasion, and I return the favor. We discovered each other's political leanings when she walked in on me having a political debate with her boss, the head of my section and the sort of man who supports Bush for purely financial reasons. This was the conversation with P, as I walked by her desk this morning:

Me: "Can you feel it?"
P: "We're gonna have a revolution, baby."

 2:56 PM

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