Monday, February 21, 2005

Two celebrities dead this morning: Sandra Dee and Hunter S. Thompson.

I'm sure there's a deeper meaning in this, somewhere, somehow.

I have to say that the NPR story on Sandra Dee was much kinder than journalism of old. After fondly describing her film successes (and her "struggle with anorexia" -- who knew?) the reporter delicately described her later "battle with alcoholism" and liver disease. In a lesser, more honest age, she would have been called a drunk.

Meanwhile, the man who injected horse tranquilizers into his eyeballs and still managed to crank out columns, the man who invented the nastiest things ever said about Richard Nixon, the man who would have torn off Sandra Dee's head and sh*t down her neck -- he blew his own head off.

The human mind tries to find patterns, even when there are none. But I keep trying to understand this one.

 7:39 AM

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